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Books about Sebastian Bonnet
Sebastian and Friends

This current book of photos is devoted to Bel Ami superstar Sebastian Bonnet, in wondeful solo portraits and also together with his friends. Sebastian's boyish innocence and natural charm make him leap off the page, straight into your heart. Bel Ami's boys are more playful than ever before. Their breath takingly beautiful bodies and improbably handsome faces are forever captured in these enchanting photos. Bel Ami always delivers eroticism at its freshest and finest!

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Frisky Memories

A lavish, 136 page, full-color book. 6-1/2" x 9-1/2," softcover, thread-bound, from Bruno Gmünder. A souvenir of a long and unforgettable summer. Bel Ami stars Lukas, Johan Paulik, Julian Armanis, Sebastian Bonnet and Ion Davidov are among the more than 30 models featured in mostly never-before-published photographs.

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Sebastian Bonnet - Bel Ami gay porn star

Sebastian Bonnett

Bel Ami titles
featuring Sebastian Bonnet:-

A+, Alpine Adventure, Cherries, Coverboys, Just for Fun, Out At Last 2 - Bonbons, Out At Last 3 - Cocktails, Out At Last 4 - Bazaar, All About Bel Ami, Frisky Summer 2 - Sebastian, Frisky Summer 4 - Summer Loves and Out In Africa 3. Sebastian Bonnet also features in all the Personal Trainers Series parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and A+

In the truest sense of the word, Sebastian Bonnet is a gay icon of the highest order. In years to come, articles will be written attempting to explain his astonishing appeal, but the simple fact of the matter is that in face, form, and sexual performance, this baby-faced super star is technicolor perfection"

From his earliest appearances in The English Student, Frisky Summer 2 - Sebastian, and Bonbons to the later titles including Just For Fun and Coverboys, Sebastian has matured from a mere chicken to one of the leading faces amongst the Bel Ami next generation of stars.

Along with Dano Sulik, Sebastian is Bel Ami's resident inhouse trainer, appearing in numerous personal trainers dvds where they induct or "train" young Bel Ami wanabees. A+, Bel Ami's latest release features the pick of the crop.

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XXX Gay DVDs featuring Sebastian Bonnet
A+ Gay DVD

Bel Ami, A+

Description: In this finale to the "Personal Trainers" series, Sebastian Bonnet's consummate talents as a taskmaster are on display just as much as the abilities of the freshmen. Sebastian, joined by Dano Sulik and Brandon Manilow, puts a gifted group of studlets through their paces, drilling them over and over until they know how to have white-hot sex on camera. In the end, each of them received a solid "A+" for his performance. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the cinema vérité filming captures all the explosive action in the four non-stop sex-a-thons.

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Personal Trainers 10 - R18 / XXX Gay DVD
Personal Trainers 10

Learning certainly doesn't end in graduation. Experience the raw action and intensity of 4 new episodes as the beautiful BelAmi boys discover there's always something more to know.

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Out In Africa 3 - R18 / XXX Gay DVD
Bel Ami, Out of Frica 3

When a group of Bel Ami models are on location in South Africa, not everyone works every day. When they have free time, they take care of themselves - and each other. In between bungee jumping, water skiing and sightseeing, the boys amuse themselves in more intimate ways.

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Alpine Adventure - R18 / XXX Gay DVD - Recommended

"Snow, Switzerland, Austria, snow boarding, skiing and eleven Bel Ami sex gods, to warm things up ploughing and sucking on each others toned tanned bodies!"

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Cherries - R18 / XXX Gay DVD

"3 Hours! Ten New scenes! More hot scenes from the Bel Ami Personal Trainer series. A must have for all collectors."

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Just For Fun - R18 / XXX Gay DVD - Recommended
Bel Ami, Just For Fun

"3 Hours of the latest new range of Bel Ami super boys and 5 breathtaking scenes! 17 Gorgeous young Bel Ami boys and the movie ends in an amazing orgy, that is just beyond description, you just have to see it for yourself."

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Coverboys - R18 / XXX Gay DVD - Best Seller
Bel Ami, Cover Boys

"Bel Ami's new signature range of buff built beauties with horse sized cocks. The standards are rising, no weaker scenes or even less than stunning actors. One of Bel Ami's best."

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Frisky Summer 2 - Sebastian - R18 / XXX Gay DVD

"Classic vintage performances from Dano, Lukas, Julian & Sebastian. Includes group sex, great cum shots and great anal sex. Sun, sand, young studs in Speedos. Every gay boys dream!"

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Frisky Summer 4 - Summer Loves - R18 / XXX Gay DVD
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"Eastern European studs in hot summer action with mostly Bel Ami's second generation of hotties. The sex is excellent and check out the 20-man orgy scene it's amazing!"

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Out at Last 2 - Bonbons - R18 / XXX Gay DVD
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"Bonbons collects 10 never-before-seen episodes intended for "Teamplay", "Cherries", "Lucky Lucas" and "Flings". Gorgeous guys in 150 minutes of fabulous sex!"

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Out at Last 3 - Cocktails - R18 / XXX Gay DVD

"3 Hours! Ten New scenes! More hot scenes form the Bel Ami Personal Trainer series. A must have for all collectors."

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Out At Last 4 - Bazaar - R18 / XXX Gay DVD

"Seven major episodes and three blow-job senes comprise this collection of episodes which were filmed as part of, but never released in any of Bel Ami's major productions. Includes rare never-before-released footage."

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All About Bel Ami - R18 / XXX Gay DVD
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An astounding behind-the-scenes look at life in Bel Ami-ville, this well done video is a sure-fire winner for all of their rabid fans.

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